Legal Information and notices required by Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Manager Ryuichi Takahashi
Operating Company AZ Home Co.,Ltd.
Address Royal Parks Shinden #707, 3-35-20 Shinden, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, 123-0865Japan
Sales price The fee is indicated each classification.Displayed for each item
Payment method ·Credit card payment ·Bank transfer
Shipping address There are some areas where it is not possible to ship to, including overseas countries. Tariffs vary from country to country and are paid by the recipient. Please contact us for more information. Outside Japan shipping charges The amount specified in FedEx will be shown depending on the destination. Regions and shipments are subject to FedEx entry.
Due date of payment Credit Card Payment : This depends on the credit card due date and contract you are using. Please contact your credit card company.
Production period We will ship it within 2 weeks of the normal order.
Regarding the return of goods

Since the production of the item starts when we receive the order, it is not possible to cancel the order after 24 hours. If you received the wrong item or your item was damaged when it was delivered, it is possible to return them. However, items that ‘may have minor flaws that occurred during the manufacturing process’ are not eligible for return.

Items purchased once cannot be returned or exchanged in principle.