Life is Diamond
Life is an art in which no two are alike, like a diamond that shines strongly.

DALTLUCIA aims to be a brand that makes customers, partners, and everyone involved shine strongly by creating unique works such as Diamond Art and Finejewelry.

Diamond Art is created by the best team and Finejewelry is made by Japanese designers and jewelers.

Our origins lie in the Mediterranean island of Ibiza.

Inspired by the beauty of the people, nature and history of the island of Ibiza, DALT LUCIA was born and is being introduced to the world.

  • 2004 After working for a jewelry brand for several years, started designing and selling jewelry in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo.
  • 2018 Started DALT LUCIA on the island of ibiza and began selling the ATLANTIS collection.
  • 2019 Created the world’s first Diamond Art, in which photographs are printed on aluminum and embedded with diamonds. Applied for a patent in Japan. Exhibited at the Kimpton Hotel in Los Angeles.
  • 2021 Start to sell the second collection, TIMELESS. The collection expresses timeless and unchanging beauty, just like the art and architecture that will remain forever.